Presenting The Coxsone Affair (Tribes man) by snoopy

someone heard it some time this rare record?

From BLACK ECHOES August 13, 1977 Page 14


  1. Hello,

    I'm not sure but I Think It is what you look for.

    Blessing from France


  2. thanks lucida but not is the album I missing. anyway, love.

  3. Rastaman, Have You got it in the end?

    PS: check my page

  4. I bought this album months ago, I hope rip that and upload soon come, jah bless fe that!

  5. You see how dem a pressing music sharing even if it's not commercially available like most of Your staff!
    Your blog was so respectiful for me and now I see all ya links are restrikted on mediafire.
    I'd like come up with the likkle crazy idea - to use russian upload services (I can reccomend some and assist with the instructions, anyway language barriers are nothing now with gogle-translate) so that You could continue Your great mission. JAH bless